Amy Slaton
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Summerville, Cane Bay Nexton
1909 State Road, Summerville, SC 29486

I was born in Loveland, Colorado and moved to 
Ft. Worth, Texas as a child. It was there that I acquired my lifelong love 
of Dallas Cowboys football, which can’t be overstated (I got married on 
the 50-yard line star of the Cowboys Stadium). Besides my fellow 
fan-for-life, my family includes two kids, 2 dogs and a cat. I love 
painting and crafting, so much so, I created an Etsy store where I sold 
wine bottle art. In addition to this entrepreneurial endeavor and prior to 
starting my career in real estate I was a banker for 6 years and worked 10 
years as a makeup artist. When my family sold our home to move to Florida, 
I had trouble finding a Realtor® that was attentive to my needs and 
understood how I felt as a customer. With my many years of customer 
service experience and a strong desire to help others, I knew I could do 
better for people in the same situation. After earning my real estate 
license, I realized that was just the first step in a career-long 
commitment to acquiring knowledge that will benefit my customers. My 
family and I moved to South Carolina in 2018 where I earned my real estate 
license as well. I vow to make your buying or selling experience as 
enjoyable and fruitful as possible by bringing a friendly face, helpful 
attitude, and an entrepreneurial spirit that gets things done.

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